Education Investment and Social Impact

2020 Asian Financial Forum Family Office was held in January 16th-17th in Murray Hotel, Hong Kong.  The summit gathered key decision makers, practitioners, experienced experts and solution providers from family offices to discuss the latest industry trends and exchange insights. 

Based on Hong Kong's status as an international financial and business center, 2020 IAsian Financial Forum Family Office attracts more than 500 participants, including private equity investments in Asia, the Greater Bay Area, fintech, education and different markets so that participants can gather the latest information, expand their network of contacts and explore business opportunities anywhere.


Mr Conrad Tsang, founder & chairman of Strategic Year Holdings and president & executive director of HKVCA, gave a speech on Education Investment and Social Impact.

The presentation focuses on current situation about global education market. In U.S., there is a widen gap between different qualifications: average annual salary of college-degreed staffs increased over 15% during last last 30 years while that of high school diploma increased less than 10%. Globally, college graduates have become the backbone of employment market.

Besides, Mr Tsang combed overall modern education system; He also introduced top 15 public educational companies by market cap in 2019, indicating China is increasingly dominating global leader in education market.