AMPD is committed to making the construction industry emission free and see electrification and connectivity as a key part of this transformation.

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The world is facing an urgent need for both urbanisation and decarbonisation. Heavy industries such as construction, largely powered by diesel, account for a large part of carbon emissions.  With the race to electrification and renewables in full swing in many sectors the construction industry has lagged behind in technology, productivity and sustainability.

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AMPD Energy is focused on driving the energy transition, using state of the art battery energy storage technologies, connectivity and data science to electrify, connect and optimize the industrial and construction sectors. With over 130 construction projects, AMPD has prevented 28185 tons of CO2 and has removed 57900 cars worth of air pollutants. They aim to enable a smart, fully automated, emissions free and connected construction site of the future with highly efficient and scalable energy management.


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