Although real estate is a cyclical business, we believe there are always opportunities at different times in different regions.  We keep our eyes open to search for value-oriented and proprietary real estate opportunities.  We have had investment experience with residential, retail, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use properties.  In terms of geographic location, we have invested in China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Japan, US, UK, and Canada.  We are open to investment structures including direct equity, direct debt, specialist investment vehicles, distress and turnarounds, and property development.

Real estate is also a rather local business.  Hence we actively work with high quality service providers in different local markets.  Over the past decades, we have established deep relationships with local real estate agencies, property developers, property managers, lawyers, accountants and tax consultants, surveyors, architects, engineering firms, amongst others. Increasingly, we are implementing ESG (environment, social, governance) principles to our investments.



Therefore, the strategy is to leverage our local networks to identify proprietary, value-oriented opportunities in different markets, maximizing value through tenant management and upgrade, property decoration / remodelling, and selective development/re-development. We strive to create impact to our investments to make sure they are sustainable in the long run.